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“Schneggarei” is a ski lodge, a return to the roots of alpine building tradition. Located close to where you take the ski lift to the pistes in the morning and to where you arrive after a day of skiing, you can warm and refresh yourself or socialise “apres-ski”. In the evenings the Schneggarei is a free and easy merry Restaurant and Bar serving refined country style food and pizzas baked in a wood fired oven. (The Schneggarei was awarded first prize for timber construction and for innovation in tourism in 2003.)


Almhof Schneider

For many the Almhof Schneider is more than just a hotel. It has been home to the family since 1451, since 1929 our goal is to make our guests feel at home. Its convenient position in the village, somewhat off the main road and at the foot of the Schlegelkopf mountain allows you to spend your vacation in peace, without a car, walk into the centre, put on your skis outside the front door and enjoy all sport facilites within close range.

...around Schneggarei


Allmeinde Commongrounds

"Allmeinde Commongrounds" is a private, independent cultural initiative founded at the turn of the millennium by Gerold and Katia Schneider whose mission is the advancement of the commons. The name refers to "Allme(i)nde", meaning community property or commons, most evident in the word "Alm", the mountain meadows, that are shared by a group of owners. It also refers to collective knowledge: scientific and cultural, global and local. The Allmeinde initiative hopes to achieve its mission by creating a network of knowledge and people brought together in a building of the same name.



The “Klösterle” is located in one of the most beautiful ancient farmhouses which has become a legend in the area. Managed by Mrs. Lore Schneider, this first class restaurant serves only 35 guest and has a limited but exquisite menu offering local homemade delicacies. It is a popular destination arrived at after a romantic horse sleigh ride or after a picturesque walk through the snow covered woods along the winding river that runs through Lech.

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